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The Best Gifts For Someone Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment

The Best Gifts For Someone Going Through Breast Cancer Treatment

Breast Cancer Treatment Gifts

The most common question someone gets from friends and family when sick is “what can I do?” and, truthfully, even though there might not be much you can do aside from offering emotional support, these items are always helpful for anyone going through treatment. They provide comfort, relief and maybe even some mental alleviation that will be MUCH needed.

Button-front pajamas: The softer, the better and since the buttons are in the front the shirt can easily be removed with out any pain or discomfort after treatment or surgery.

Comfy socks: Hospitals (and even homes) can sometimes run a little cold and these socks make you feel like you’re walking on feathers.

A faux fur blanket: Similar to why you need comfy socks, a faux fur blanket is a great addition when it comes to feeling swaddled with warmth.

A luxurious candle: Treat the person going through treatment to a candle they wouldn’t normally buy themselves (one that has a relaxing and calming scent, of course).

Uplifting books and movies: It’s important to stay positive while undergoing treatment so surrounding the patient with movies and books that are uplifting and fun will be critical/will keep their mind occupied. Of course, try to customize these based on the person but we found some good roundups on and

Chic hats: If they’re going through chemo then now is the time to buy them some fun, chic hats that they might never have bought for themselves otherwise.

Dry shampoo: Since many patients going through treatment might not be able to shower regularly dry shampoo is a must-have.

Lip balm and a natural moisturizer: Natural beauty products are key during treatments and many people often complain about having dry lips and skin.