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Meet Rach DiMare of RD's Obsessions!

Meet Rach DiMare of RD's Obsessions!

Rach Di Mare

A special treat for our blog readers, this week's blog post features an interview with Chicago-based fashion, style and lifestyle blogger, Rach DiMare of RD's Obsessions. We initially met Rach at the annual Young Survival Coalition meeting in Oakland earlier this year and were blown away. She's smart, funny, upbeat, and just an absolutely lovely person. Also, we have to admit, we do love her style J And you can follow her on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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We asked her the following 8 questions:

Tell us a little about your mission for RD’s Obsessions.

I originally created RD’s Obsessions a few years ago as an outlet to share my outfits. I have an affinity for fashion but honestly I didn’t have an occasion or a place to share these outfits I created. That’s when RD’s Obsessions came about. In the last year and a half, my blog evolved into more than a fashion blog. It became a place where I shared my thoughts on my cancer journey. As I am on the road to recovery, now I want my blog to be a place where I can be a breast cancer advocator and hopefully give other women (and men) diagnosed with cancer a boost of confidence. Sometimes all it takes is finding that right outfit to get that confidence back.

What was your biggest struggle during your cancer journey? 

Aside from trying to navigate through the side effects, it was hard to love my own body. My body went through some changes because of the cancer treatments that I felt like I didn’t recognize my own body. It all felt foreign to me. So it was so hard to love a body that I didn’t recognize.

What helped you find your confidence while battling and surviving breast cancer?

I focused on keeping a positive attitude and learned to celebrate every success or victory, even small ones, throughout my cancer journey. There were times when I would compare myself to others and feel down about where I was at or what others were able to do while I was battling. But what we forget is that everyone is on a different journey. So I focused on my journey, stayed positive, and learned to appreciate and celebrate every success. I shared every success with my family and friends and the amount of support I received from them definitely gave me the confidence boosts I needed. They also helped me understand that I have more victories than I ever realized. We forget that the little things count.

Any words of advice for other young women who are breast cancer warriors / survivors?

Continue to believe in yourself. Without a doubt there are days when it will be harder, but you have to trust yourself and trust the process. Keep that positive attitude. Yes there will be changes, but in the end these changes will make you a better person. You are a warrior. Also, don’t compare yourself to others. Everyone is in a different part of their lives. Focus on you. Also, know that in every situation, including on bad days, there is always a silver lining.

Tell us about your experience with shopping for lingerie.

It’s been a struggle more recently because I didn’t know my size. My body has changed from the treatment side effects and that has made it hard to shop. I purchased things that I thought were my size only to later be disappointed that it was not.

Who is your number one fashion inspiration/icon?

Other fashion bloggers are my fashion inspiration and icons because they are everyday people so their clothes and style are relatable. My all time favorite fashion blogger is Julia from Gal Meet Glam.

What is your current fashion obsession?

Oh man I have quite a few and it does change depending on the season. Since it is summer time, I love anything off the shoulder.  It is crazy how many off the shoulder tops and dresses I own. I also love a good midi skirt! They’re so flattering on any body type!

What inspires you?

This is a tough one. A lot of things inspire me. When I see people sharing their creative ideas, to reading an inspirational quote, to seeing a pop of color in a tiny corner in an alley. A lot inspires me, which makes me think there are a lot of things to be grateful for!