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Interview with OUR Sophia Rose

Interview with OUR Sophia Rose

Mom wearing Sophia Rose Mastectomy Bra

We interviewed many women on their wants and needs before we started designing the Sophia pocketed bra. We kept their desires in mind, and created a lingerie line that gave them the things they craved and deserved. Things like comfort, support, elegance, and color were all crucial to these women. But no one woman inspired us more than our own Mom.

Our Mom’s journey as a breast cancer survivor, and our effort to help her shop for mastectomy bras, was the beginning of it all. She really is our Sophia Rose. So after years of market research, design partnerships, and brand building, hers is the opinion that matters most to us. She is our first and favorite test subject, and we’re excited to share her unfiltered, personal opinion of our debut lingerie line.

We had our team send her a few questions, so that you could hear it first hand, straight from the mouth of our Mom. Enjoy!

Mom wearing Sophia Rose Mastectomy Bra


Sophia Rose Intimates: What was the toughest part about bra shopping post surgery?

Mom: I couldn’t find any bras that I liked and there weren’t a lot of color options. All the bras that were being shown to me were plain looking and old fashioned. Also, a lot of mastectomy bras were padded and didn’t fit very comfortably.

SR: What's so different about the Sophia bra from other options?

M: Nice colors and feminine looking, comfortable and stylish. It is everything I’m looking for combined in one bra! 

SR: What's your favorite thing about the Sophia Rose Intimates line?

M: I love the lace and color, and how it makes me feel feminine.

SR: How important is support to you? Is this bra supportive?

M: Support in my mastectomy bra is very important and the Sophia bra definitely does the job. 

SR: How important is style to you? Is this bra stylish?

M: Style is very important to me as it makes me still feel feminine, even without breasts. This bra is stylish and it boosts my confidence.

SR: Which color is your favorite to wear - bright peony or deep violet?

M: Deep violet!

SR: What does it feel like to wear a bra and panty set designed by your own daughters?

M: I am very proud of my daughters for fulfilling their dream of creating this collection for breast cancer survivors. I am their Sophia Rose. The bra and panty set is so comfortable and I feel good wearing it. I have been wearing it almost everyday since Sophia Rose was launched. I love it!

SR: Would you recommend Sophia Rose Intimates to a friend? What would you tell them about it?

M: Yes definitely and I already have! I would tell them that it is the best mastectomy bra out there - it is comfortable, feminine, stylish and a quality product!


Have you tried our lingerie line for breast cancer survivors yet? We think you should. And not just because Mom says so.


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