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How to wash your Sophia Rose Intimates

How to wash your Sophia Rose Intimates

We put our hearts into creating Sophia Rose Intimates for you, so we want to help you keep them looking new and feeling soft for a long time. How you wash your bras and underwear is one of the easiest ways to do just that – in fact, it’s as easy as 1,2,3! Here are the easy steps to wash your Sophia Rose delicates.

First: Sort

Because lights and darks can sometimes bleed, it’s best to separate your lingerie. That means washing light colored delicates with your Sophia Rose Intimates in Bright Peony, and dark colored items with anything in Deep Violet.

Second: Wash

We hand selected the softest and most beautiful materials for our Sophia Rose Collection, so hand washing is highly recommended. And it’s as easy as letting your bras and panties soak, especially if you use Soak wash. This gentle wash formula not only keeps the elastic and lace soft, it also keeps it from stretching out or getting brittle. And the beautiful scents are a big bonus! Just use a tiny teaspoon in a basin or sink of water and let your intimates take a bath for a bit. If there’s a stain or a spot, give it a good rub with your hands or a stain bar before soaking or while rinsing.

If you do choose to use a washing machine, hook the back of the bras first and put them into a mesh wash bag. That will keep them from getting snagged or tangled. Because there’s no wire in our Sophia bra, you won’t have to worry about broken underwires in the machine, but to be safe, use the most gentle cycle you can. And no matter how you wash your delicates, use gentle soap, like Soak or something similar, made specifically for lingerie or lace.

Third: Dry

Whether you wash your intimates in the machine or in a basin, it’s always good to let them air dry. The hot heat from a dryer will ruin delicate materials. You can hang or clip your intimates almost anywhere to let them dry. We like to let our Sophia Rose bras and panties drip dry over the shower curtain rod after gently pressing them in a towel to get out the excess water. Be careful not to wring them, or you may warp them!

See? That was pretty easy! Give it a try. Take care of your Sophia Rose intimates, so they can continue to support you. Have a question? Send us an email or tweet at us – we’re here to help!