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3 of Our Favorite Immune-Boosting Recipes

3 of Our Favorite Immune-Boosting Recipes

Immune-Boosting Recipes

We love a smoothie or green juice but sometimes you just want a MEAL that’s immune-boosting, right?! Here are three of our all-time favorites and we’d love to hear what you think as well!

What are some of your favorite immune-boosting meals?

Immune-Boosting Chicken Soup (via

Chicken soup is a classic and this recipe, in particular, uses quite a few energy-enhancing, disease-fighting ingredients that we love.

Mushroom Quesadilla (via

This recipe is especially good for anti-healthy children since these quesadilla are disguised as junk food. What your kids don’t know is that mushrooms are chock full of healthy minerals like magnesium, folate and zinc, all of which help the body fight diseases.

Grapefruit, avocado and shrimp salad (via

The combo of these ingredients not only taste amazing but they also each pack a punch of immune-boosting vitamins.