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Sophia Rose x peach

Sophia Rose x peach


sophia rose x peach

We’ve got some great news: Sophia Rose is getting peachy. We’ve partnered with peach to bring our Sophia bra to their clients and customers. peach provides a fresh approach to lingerie and basics shopping with a unique method of fitting and way to shop. They train and support stylists to build their own peach businesses around the country. Those stylists then offer in-home bra fittings using a 10 point measurement system to choose the best size for their clients. It’s a really great idea, and just one reason we knew partnering with peach would help Sophia Rose bloom. Other reasons include: their careful attention to quality, their beautiful message of support and empowerment, and their great designer, Moira Nelson – who also worked with us on the Sophia bra! We just love peach.

And the love goes both ways. We asked peach why they decided to offer our mastectomy bra to their clients, how their stylists are reacting to the new option, and what kind of woman they think will love the Sophia bra. Here’s what they said:

Why did you decide to offer the Sophia bra to your customers? 

We heard over and over again from clients and stylists that they were looking for a non-underwire and pocketed bra. When it came to choosing a brand to partner with, Sophia Rose was a no brainer. We fell in love with the company, its story, and its product. We carefully choose brands and products to offer through peach, and the Sophia Bra is so well designed and beautiful - we knew it would be a great addition to our curated products. 

How have the peach stylists reacted to the Sophia bra? 

The reaction has been really positive! Our stylists have been waiting for a bra like this to offer to clients. They are very excited to start connecting with local oncologist offices to offer a peach fitting. And, they're finding success offering this bra to women who have not had a mastectomy and are interested in a comfortable, supportive, non underwire bra. 

What kind of woman do you think will love to wear the Sophia bra? 

For sure we see the Sophia Bra being a great option for women who have had a lumpectomy or mastectomy. We also hear from stylists that women who want a supportive non-underwire bra option are loving this bra. Because of how it's designed, it's more supportive than a typical bralette. That's a big plus for some clients!

Interested in getting a bra fitting with peach? Connect with a stylist in your area – or schedule a video fitting! She can help you shop for the Sophia bra or peach bras. And don’t forget to try their buttery soft basics, like leggings and cardigans, which are great for wearing during breast cancer surgery recovery, on the weekends, or out and about.

We’re so thankful for such a wonderful partnership. Working together to support women with breast cancer, and women in general, makes us so happy. Join us on the journey!


Adelene and Carolyn