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Who is YOUR Sophia Rose?

Who is YOUR Sophia Rose?

To celebrate Mother’s Day, we invited Sophia Rose fans to honor a woman in their life - their Sophia Rose. #MySophiaRose

To us, Sophia Rose is the woman that represents the values and attributes we see in our customers. She is loving to others, and loved by others. She is strong and courageous, yet vulnerable and sincere. She is not swayed by trends and stays true to her own beauty. She finds elegance in daily tasks. She shares her joy and welcomes support.

It's no secret that our mom is our Sophia Rose. She is brave, graceful, and strong. And she is not the only one! We asked our friends, "Who is your Sophia Rose?” and were blown away by the phenomenal responses. So many men and women stepped up to celebrate and honor the Sophia Roses in their lives that we couldn't fit them all into one post. Below are just a few of the fantastic stories, and we'll be sharing more every month.

Krista's Sophia Rose

Krista Purnell’s Sophia Rose:

My Sophia Rose is my friend Jessica. We first met about 11 years ago when we were teachers at the same school. Jessica is beautiful both inside and out. She is a passionate educator, devoted wife and mom, and has a kind and giving heart. She's also loves to collaborate and inspire other women. She inspires me by how she lives her life with courage, vulnerability, and joy!

When you mention how Sophia Rose was created, that idea of bringing back color resonated with me. When I think about Jessica, I think about how she chose to bring back the color into her life after the devastating loss of her daughter. As a part of her healing process, she created her blog, This Season's Gold, to honor her daughter and find the golden moments in each season. Jessica has shown that you can continue to live, thrive, and experience the beauty of life, even with a piece of your heart missing.

Krista is a skincare specialist for R + F based in New York. Follow her on Instagram at @thekplife. Her Sophia Rose, Jessica, has been an educator for years and loves to blog. Follow Jessica on Instagram at @thisseasonsgold.

Brennan's Sophia Rose

Brennan Lowry’s Sophia Rose:

My Sophia Rose is my mother, Diane Lowery.

My mother has been a beautiful example of compassion and kindness her whole life. She has an uncanny ability to connect with people from all backgrounds, and she is a stalwart in her Christian faith. She has been a mother, first and foremost, and has raised 4 boys for over 40 years now. Six grandchildren later, she has been a model of patience and guidance for her children and grandchildren, working at all hours to keep the family unified and happy. I have watched her take friends under her wing, friends struggling with depression, addiction, abuse, infidelity, illness, and even death. She has always put the interest and care of others as a priority in her life, all the while managing to be a powerful guide and influence in all of our lives. She has an uncanny ability to disarm and connect with people, almost a sixth sense, and she uses it in a way that helps every person feel better about their day. I have never watched my mom end an interaction with someone on a sour note, and she has always been a source of positivity and joy.  She is so grounded in her faith and is always eager to bring others into the light and joy of her faith, and even if it does not connect with the person or they disagree, she leaves them with love and kindness.

She has been an inspiration to me through her strength and patience. She has always loved to travel and decided to be a flight attendant to see more of the country and world, all while she was already in her 50s and with 4 children to tend to. She passed with flying colors and became one of the more popular, sought-after flights attendants with American Airlines. She was furloughed after 9/11 and lost much of her seniority, so when the time came for her to go back she would have to be on reserve again and be away from me and my younger brother. The time had come for her to be a mother again first and foremost, and she gave up on her dream for us. It was hard to see, but she did it for love. For us. For us to be able to continue on the right track and be able to be focused on what we needed in order to be strong in life and in school. She has inspired me with her endless, boundless energy, raising 4 boys, learning to be a master gardener all the while, babysitting grandchildren, leading bible studies, volunteering, driving meals on wheels; it is that classic adage, that she somehow has 40 hours in each day while we all have 24. She has worked after proms, staying up until dawn, she has been PTA president, she has sold hot dogs and candy to raise funds for our public school that was underfunded. The list goes on and on, but the bottom line is that she inspires me with a powerful commitment and love for life and the people around her. My mother has been an absolute champion in life.

Brennan is a New York-based actor and voiceover artist. Dianne is a mother, homemaker and Bible study leader. Follow him on Instagram at @brenbren_lowry.

Janet's Sophia Rose

(Photo above features Patricia Tiebout and Janet Hanson’s daughter, Meredith)

Janet Hanson’s Sophia Rose:

My Sophia Rose is my mom, Patricia (Patty) Peck Tiebout. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 41 years old which traumatized our entire family.  Her cancer was diagnosed in the 60s, years before First Lady Betty Ford held a very public (and courageous) discussion about her own battle with breast cancer. My mom had a mastectomy and was terrified that her “disfigurement” would mean that she was no longer worthy of my dad’s love. That may sound crazy but it was the 60’s when many women like my mom stayed at home full-time to raise their kids. My mom was very beautiful and was considered a fashion icon in our town.  Thanks to my mom’s intestinal fortitude and the love of her family, I am happy to report that my mom recently celebrated her 92nd birthday with my dad right by her side! This is such a testament to both my parents — my mom showed enormous courage no matter how sad or depressed she was and my dad’s love and devotion during those years never wavered. Their positive attitudes carried me through my own battle with breast cancer decades later.  

At the time my mom was diagnosed, I was 13 years old.  I couldn’t imagine the world without my mother in it, nor could my older brother or younger sister.  Throughout her life, my mom has never complained about anything — she has always viewed life through a “glass is completely full” lens. The thing that’s crazy is that I was diagnosed with breast cancer when my daughter Meredith was 13 years old.  I have always referred to Mer as “my sunshine” and I believe with all my heart that she has my mom’s gene pool!

The most important lesson she’s taught me is to lead by example! My mom has risen to every challenge she’s ever faced - without fail!  Her positive spirit has helped me handle many of the challenges I’ve faced in my own life with resolute grace. My mom will always be my Sophia Rose!

Janet Hanson is the CEO of Elevate, a worldwide community of women who create, inspire and lead.

Lisa's Sophia Rose

Lisa Rosado’s Sophia Rose:

My mother is one of the strongest, bravest, and most courageous women on the planet, yet manages to be one of the most loving and caring human beings I know despite all of the challenges she's faced throughout her entire life!

The Sophia Rose quality that she possesses is her selflessness in dedicating all of her time and tireless hours to being a single mother living in NYC tending to my little sister who is both physically and mentally disabled. It’s no easy feat and can be draining in every sense of the word, but she continues to press on and manages to keep her spirits high in spite of it all! She works hard to obtain as much information as possible as to what resources are available to enhance my little sister’s quality of life.

One moment that stands out in my mind, is the moment she showed immense bravery in giving me the option to move to Connecticut to live with my aunt and uncle because she had a feeling it would be the best thing for me at the time. To let your child who barely scratched the age of 13 make such a monumental decision---I cannot even imagine the strength that takes. She has supported me every step of the way and her determination to overcome any adversity is truly inspirational! It's a trait I'm beginning to discover I've acquired as time passes and because of her I won't settle. I'm finally at a place where I won't let anything stand in the way of my vision and I won't let anyone tell me I can't do something, because my mother instilled that fight within me! I love my mother to pieces!

Lisa is the creative director of The Style Theory and is based out of New York. Her mother is a champion for the mentally and physically disabled. Follow Lisa on Instagram at @thestyletheory.

We are inspired by our own Sophia Rose and your Sophia Rose every day. Thank you for being a part of our journey and for sharing the amazing women in your life with us. Happy Mother’s Day!

PS: Want to honor your own Sophia Rose? Tell us what makes your Sophia Rose so special to you by using #MySophiaRose and tagging @MySophiaRose on Twitter or Instagram. We can't wait to hear all about her.